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Microsoft expands access to advanced AI models with Azure OpenAI Service – News Hub

Microsoft expands access to advanced AI models with Azure OpenAI Service – News Hub

Massive language models have become an essential tool for individuals and companies to innovate, apply artificial intelligence (AI), and shape the future. As part of its ongoing commitment to democratizing artificial intelligence and Partnership established with OpenAIToday, Microsoft announces General availability of the Azure OpenAI service.

With this service, now available to the general public, more organizations can access the world’s most advanced AI models, including GPT-3.5, Codex, and DALL • E 2 – Through secure, enterprise-grade features and the AI-enhanced infrastructure of Microsoft Azure. Soon the public will also have access to chat – A modified version of GPT-3.5 developed and trained on the Azure AI infrastructure – through the Azure OpenAI service.

Eric Boyd Corporate, Vice President of Artificial Intelligence Platform at Microsoftcomments: “The pace of innovation in the AI ​​community is moving at lightning speed. We are confident in the quality of the AI ​​models we use and deliver to customers today, and we firmly believe that they will enable businesses and individuals alike to innovate in entirely new and exciting ways.”

Launched in November 2021, Azure OpenAI enables organizations to harness the power of generative AI models at scale, with the assurances customers expect from infrastructure clouds and Azure Compute — security, reliability, compliance, data privacy, and responsible AI capabilities built in.

Organizations of all industries and sizes use Azure OpenAI to improve end-user experiences and streamline their operational efficiencies. where Create content that supports compatibility between products and customers, So summary tickets From customer support, personalization, and gaining insights from data through research, this service allowed employees to free up time to focus on the tasks that matter most.

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Azure: The best place to build workloads Artificial intelligence

Azure OpenAI provides organizations and developers with high-performance AI models at scale with the highest uptime in the market. This is the same production service that Microsoft uses to power its products, incl copilot github, an AI assistant programmer who helps write code; the PowerBI, Which takes advantage of natural language using GPT-3 technology to automatically create and declare formulas and DAX expressions Microsoft Designerwhich helps creators create high-quality graphic content using natural language.

Azure is also the main computing power behind the OpenAI API model suite for programmers’ research and production advancements. Currently, Azure is the only one clouds Global audiences present AI-powered supercomputers with combined vertical and horizontal scalability capabilities.

Mutual Unique architectural design, combining leading GPU and networking solutions, Azure delivers best-in-class performance and scale for the most compute-intensive AI and business inference workloads. This is why the world’s leading AI companies, including open ai, Goal And face hugging, continue to choose Azure to power their AI innovations. Currently, Azure is in the top 15 Top 500 Supercomputers Worldwide service provider clouds highest ranking overall.

A responsible approach to artificial intelligence

Microsoft understands that any AI innovation must be done responsibly. Tech has taken an iterative approach to large prototyping, working closely with OpenAI and its customers to carefully assess use cases, learn and address potential risks. In addition, it has implemented its own protection for the Azure OpenAI service, in line with Principles of responsible artificial intelligence.

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For more information about the Azure OpenAI service and the latest developments from Microsoft, see this link.