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Microsoft explains why 'Flower' is the default background for Windows 11

Microsoft explains why ‘Flower’ is the default background for Windows 11

Windows 11 is, without a doubt, a major turning point for the family of operating systems from Microsoft Superficially, visually, and at the center of your native apps and platforms. The company’s concern with the advancement of the generation is that even the simple standard wallpaper – reminiscent of a blue flower – has been meticulously thought out.

On Wednesday (11), MS posted a YouTube video telling some of the professionals responsible for the Win 11 logo and background about the creative process that gave birth to these ideas. “We needed to breathe new life into Windows,” says system brand manager Vincent Joris.

The company’s idea was to get users to look at the operating system, like it right away and say, “Yes, that’s Windows,” according to the CEO. While setting up the new operating system, the identity administrators knew that roles would be placed in the center of the taskbar, so the act of “unlocking” was seen as a good combination.

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The default background represents the company’s vision for Windows 11 (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

To complement this idea, Windows Creative Director Christina Cohn says the new materials should blend in with the rest of the system. “I loved the ‘prosperity’ we chose in the end, which we can change and transform. To me, that represents the diversity of people who use Windows,” says the executive.

Logo as signature

“I’ve always thought of the logo as a signature,” Joris says. The Windows 11 logo was designed to reflect a change in the product, and as the operating system and Microsoft are closer than ever in this new endeavor, the design team took the company’s logo and painted it blue, in a blend of identities between the brand and the operating system.

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The logo change was simple, but full of meaning, according to the executives (Image: Reproduction/Microsoft)

“We design so that [o Windows] Go easy, don’t look complicated and I think it also becomes part of the brand,” Koehn explains. Microsoft is thinking of this as a small change in format, but with a big symbolism.

These changes can only be experienced by the general public sometime in the future, considering that Windows 11 still has no release date. Strong rumors indicate that The premiere will happen in October This year on new computers, while the free update will be distributed only next year. If you are in the mood to check out what’s new, you can become a member of the program. Windows Insider and download an operating system preview.

Source: Microsoft

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