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Microsoft has released its AI image generator for Edge for everyone

Microsoft has released its AI image generator for Edge for everyone

Microsoft is making AI DALL-E visualizer available “on the desktop to Edge users around the world.” The company announced it was coming last month when it integrated imaging technology into its Bing chatbot, but the move could make it available to a much wider audience.

When it is created – me and two more edge It seems that employees using Edge still won’t be able to access it – the image creator will be in the sidebar of Edge. it must be easy to use; You type in what you want to see and Bing generates as many images as you request. So, you can download whatever you want and use it however you like.

in Blog post on ThursdayMicrosoft offers this feature as a way to create “very specific” visuals when working on social media posts or slideshows and documents. While this was possible in many ways before – you could use DALL-E from OpenAI, Microsoft Bing Image Creator websiteBing Chat’s built-in image generator or one of the many other image generators – putting it in your Edge sidebar makes it much easier to ask the AI ​​to create some images for you while you’re doing something else on the web.

According to Microsoft, you’ll have to manually add it to the sidebar before you can use it, at least for now. To do this, open the sidebar, click the “+” button and toggle the switch next to Image Creator.

According to a Microsoft statement, Microsoft is “experimenting with limits based on usage patterns and continues to learn to help us improve the customer experience.” On the edge in Katie Usher, Senior Director of Communications. “Currently, most users are not faced with a limit on the number of images they can create per day.”

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The company is also adding other features to Edge, such as the Drop tool, which lets you send files and other content to yourself, and creating a personal notebook that syncs across devices. Microsoft too add a tool called “Browser Essentials”, It’s basically a button you can click to tell Edge what a great job it does of being efficient and checking for malware (although this feature is currently only available in early access versions).

Update April 7 at 6:01 PM ET: Added Microsoft’s statement regarding image creation limitations.