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Microsoft introduces a virtual assistant for Windows 11 with AI

Build 2023 showed a lot of interesting news from Microsoft for many fields, which always rely on artificial intelligence. Windows 11 cannot be ruled out and that is why Windows Copilot has been revealed, this is Microsoft’s future virtual assistant, also with access to AI.

New virtual assistant for Windows 11

Microsoft's focus now seems to be on AI integration, with ChatGPT and other OpenAI products in its services. These are revealed gradually, but always with a central point. It seems that the co-pilot is the element that will unite all these elements in the future.

And so, and because Windows 11 is also an essential part of Microsoft's plans, Copilot Now also coming to this system. Microsoft wants to turn this AI-based assistant into a true virtual assistant, with tools and capabilities that adapt to the operating system.

The co-pilot uses artificial intelligence to assist users

Thus, through what Microsoft has shown, Copilot will guarantee a common interface with other products. It will be integrated directly into Windows 11 and will be available to open and use from the taskbar in all applications and programs. A sidebar will appear, as indeed it does in Bing Chat used by Edge or Office itself.

Its functionality is not only limited to searching for information, but also by controlling Windows 11 itself. It will be sufficient to indicate the command and this assistant will carry out the tasks requested by the user, whether it is configuration or related to existing applications.

Microsoft wants to prepare you to live in Windows

The most interesting thing is the ability to send user files to Copilot. Here it can be summarized, rewritten or explained to the user. The possibilities are many, but it will not replace Windows 11 search.

Microsoft will begin publicly testing Windows Copilot in June, making it publicly available later. Since it is built on the same foundations as Bing Chat, Microsoft will allow developers to use Bing's OpenAI or ChatGPT components in this AI-based assistant.

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