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Microsoft is changing the Windows keyboard 30 years after the last big change – Observer

Microsoft is changing the Windows keyboard 30 years after the last big change – Observer

Artificial intelligence has become a growing concern in the technology industry, and in the last few hours, it has become known that Microsoft will implement something new in the new computer keyboards with Windows 11. It is a key that refers to Copilot, a new artificial intelligence system. It focuses on helping users create documents, emails, presentations, and more.

Microsoft will bring Assistant Pilot with AI to Windows 11

Hey advertisement This was reported on the official Windows blog: Youssef Mahdi, the company's executive vice president and director of consumer marketing, revealed that the company is going through a “transformational” moment, compared to the introduction of the Windows key, 30 years ago. Mahdi stressed that the new addition will “simplify” and “amplify” the user experience.

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This announcement marks a major change in keyboard design, the first major changes since 1994, when the Windows key was introduced. “Copilot will be the entry point into the world of AI on PC,” added the Executive Vice President.

As can be seen in video Shared on the Windows YouTube channel, the Copilot key will be located next to the ALT key on the right side of the keyboard. However, it is not certain that this will be the final version of the keyboard, so the key position may change. When you press the Copilot key, your computer will open Microsoft Copilot, which was launched last year.

Youssef Mahdi did not specify in the statement the products that would include the new key, considering, according to what he was quoted as saying telegraphAsus and Microsoft are betting on this artificial intelligence tool.

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