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Microsoft publica vídeo com ideia para nova "sala de reuniões do futuro"

Microsoft is publishing a video with the idea of ​​a new “conference room of the future”

a Microsoft Put again a Predicting the future And he created a video explaining how the company worked Future meetings. The video introduces the concept Team rooms, Professional meeting spaces with spatial audio and larger screens for video conferencing that present members in real size.

The idea is that after the COVID-19 pandemic and a safe return to face-to-face activities, conference rooms Bring people together Which is further from reality. This way, there will be places specially designed for Mixed collaboration For example, between workers who work in the face-to-face system and others who work in the home office.

The screens it displays Microsoft It will allow people to see themselves in it Normal size – instead of a small rectangle in the corner of the computer.

Include items in these new rooms as well Microphones on the ceiling, In order to make the technology less straightforward but still functional, plus A. Smart camera Built in room that picks up and focuses on who is talking in the moment.

a Spatial sound – or spatial audio – also present in the display, provides a more complete meeting experience. Simulates a physical location of different audio sources.

In the case of a conference room, it will be used with the function of allowing participants to be in the physical space Specify Interlocutors who participate in a videoconference From the sound site.

It continues after the announcement

Previously, Redmond placed good bets. In 2018, at Microsoft Build. Developer Conference, Which is an annual event aimed at developers, the company a Another concept for a future conference room.

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At the time, the projection included a site in it Smart microphones Who can determine who was speaking and transcribing that person’s speech, regardless of language. In March 2021, the company announced the product soon.

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Source: XDA DevelopersAnd the New Win