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Microsoft is taking the Bing and Google war to levels no one expected

Microsoft is taking the Bing and Google war to levels no one expected

With the advent of AI and Microsoft’s unique position in this field, Bing has gained an unexpected spotlight. This is the only search engine that has access to AI responses, thus Google ended up being left behind in this area. Microsoft is now taking that fame to a level no one expected.

The war is growing between Microsoft and Google

It's not unusual for Microsoft to use its products to try to outpace the competition. It is common for us to see ads when we are looking for a competing product or service that has similar capabilities to what it offers to Internet users.

With the importance that Bing has, thanks to artificial intelligence, your status now reaches new levels. We're talking about blatantly promoting your products and how they stand out, thus going against what users are searching for and waiting to be shown.

Evidence of this has now emerged in the form of a survey, with unexpected results. By putting Chrome's word on Bing, Microsoft began simulating an interaction with Bing Chat and revealing other search results, the response being directed towards Bing and its capabilities.

Bing Chrome drops and shows itself

As revealed in the same survey, the result is something with the title "Bing: the search engine that does more than just search". After this message, its capabilities are revealed, in particular those related to artificial intelligence and many of its modern features.

When asked about this behavior, Microsoft quickly replied that it tests its interface and search results often. The truth is that shortly after encountering this result, it ended up disappearing and starting to provide the result that users expected.

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This is a war that has been gaining momentum lately, with both companies focusing more on what they have to offer.