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Microsoft launches adaptive PC accessories for people with disabilities

Microsoft launches adaptive PC accessories for people with disabilities

today is Microsoft announced A line of adaptable computer accessories to modify or replace standard keyboards and mice people with disabilities. There are three new devices: Adaptive Mouse, Adaptive Buttons, and Adaptive Hub. Mouse and buttons can accommodate 3D-printed accessories, so users can customize them to suit their needs.

The adaptive mouse core contains the buttons and a disc-shaped sensor on a square platform, on which you can fit different types of 3D-printed palm rests. The accessory also has a thumb rest that allows you to use the mouse with your right or left hand.

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Using the adaptive buttons, the user can add eight programmable entries to their computer. Microsoft made a simplified version with two large buttons that are easy to press only. But since an adaptive mouse can also be used as an eight-way joystick or a D-pad, you can customize these inputs to act as macros or keyboard shortcuts, which can be difficult for people with mobility disabilities to implement. As with the mouse, you can add 3D-printed accessories to the buttons to meet specific needs.

The Adaptive Hub allows you to wirelessly connect up to four adaptive buttons and send programmed commands to your computer or even your cell phone. The Hub also features 3.5 mm jacks for connecting wired accessories such as adaptive xbox controller Manufactured by Microsoft itself.

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According to Microsoft, the adaptive computer peripherals will be launched in the third quarter of 2022, but the company has not yet released pricing information.

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