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Microsoft launches Windows 11 2023 Update without much news

Microsoft launches Windows 11 2023 Update without much news

Microsoft had promised an update process for Windows 11. Unlike what it did in the previous version, it now guarantees only one annual update, although it guarantees new features in shorter periods. With this plan, it is now offering the 2023 Update for Windows 11, although it has few new features.

Microsoft releases another batch of news

Despite being the big update for Windows 11, Microsoft doesn't have many new features for users. This is another integration of many new features and thus accessible to users, both for new installations and for those who update with some delay.

From Microsoft AnnounceUpdate 23H2 (the given name for the 2023 update) features the new version of Teams intended for users using the free version. This will be located on your taskbar, right in the middle, so it's accessible to everyone.

Windows 11 keeps getting better

As for Copilot, which Microsoft has already announced in another Windows 11 update (Moment 4), it will only be available to users outside the European Union. This is nothing new, and the software giant is trying to find a way to comply with the Digital Markets Act (or DMA).

The biggest change you'll notice after a clean install of Windows 11 build 23H2 is the absence of Cortana and the Mail app. Microsoft replaced the latter with the new Outlook and this becomes the system's default for handling email.

How to install update 23H2

To get this new version of Windows, users must follow a process they already know. This should already be available in the Updates area and ready to install. The above video, created by Microsoft, clearly shows how the process is performed by users.

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With this update, Microsoft shows once again that it is working to develop Windows 11 to be its primary system for all new computers, and with the announcement of the end of the previous version, it now wants to ensure that all new features in this system and its updates continue.