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Microsoft overtakes Apple in market share

Microsoft overtakes Apple in market share

The listed company reached $2.89 billion market value and became an industry leader at the global level. Investments in AI have been crucial, but not just in Microsoft's case.

Microsoft overtook Apple in market share and became the most valuable company in the world. The company, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, invests heavily in artificial intelligence (AI), which contributed to the rise in its stock price, to the point that its share price reached $2.89 billion ($2.63 billion). euros, at the current exchange rate) last Friday.

Technology shares were trading at $388.47 at the end of the last session of the week. This means an increase of 1% on Friday and 62.38% in one year. We must remember that in 2023, Microsoft invested $10 billion (€9.13 billion) in OpenAI, the parent company of OpenAI. chatbot Online ChatGPT, an AI-based language tool.

Investments in artificial intelligence have been crucial in increasing the share prices of a number of listed companies in the past 12 months. Proof of this is that the Nasdaq 100 index, which brings together leading companies operating in the technology sector, rose by 54% in 2023. At this point, many analysts expect this trend to continue in the near future, in 2024.

On the other hand, the current year has not been positive for Apple, whose stock price, last Friday, was lower than the price at which it opened the first session of January, on January 2, and the session ended with shares trading at a price of $185.92 ($185.87). . at the beginning of the year).

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At the forefront are the decline in sales in the Chinese market and the legal battle involving watches produced by the “Apple Watch” brand, which was forced to be removed from store shelves in the United States.

The value of technology titles launched by Steve Jobs in 1976 has risen 37.96% in the past calendar year, which means a much less pronounced rise than the one in which Microsoft was the champion.