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Microsoft Edge segurança VPN Cloudflare

Microsoft prepares security for Edge with Cloudflare’s native VPN

As a standard Windows browser, Edge is increasingly a proposition that Microsoft seeks to grow, both in terms of users and features. This one gets a lot of improvements, as a result of its proximity to Chromium.

Now it looks like Microsoft is preparing to bring more security to Edge, with a novelty. This browser will have a native Virtual Private Network (VPN) that protects and keeps users’ traffic safe.

More security for Edge

Protecting users on the Internet has proven to be difficult for large browsers. They strive to ensure great security, and at the same time they want to offer a simple use that does not interfere with users.

So Microsoft is now looking to bring additional security to the edge. For this you must provide a native VPN in your browser. This will be called secure network It will be offered in partnership with Cloudflare.

Microsoft Edge Security VPN Cloudflare

Cloudflare VPN for users

Although it is an interesting proposition, in terms of security, this proposal for Edge has several limitations. First, it has a traffic limit to be offered to users, who will only be able to access 1GB per month.

On the other hand, since it is not a real VPN proposition, it does not allow you to choose the origin of the traffic. This will be managed by Cloudflare, which will handle all management by the user, who must be authenticated with their Microsoft account on Edge.

Microsoft Edge Security VPN Cloudflare

Microsoft ensures more safety for everyone

In terms of user data management, Microsoft ensures the security of the logs this VPN creates for users. It will be deleted every 25 hours and will be limited to support and diagnostics logs.

Although this suggestion from Microsoft is far from being a complete VPN, it will greatly improve Edge. Users can use the security that Microsoft will provide to protect their data when browsing the Internet.

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