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Microsoft promises the “biggest technology leap” with the new generation of Xbox consoles

Microsoft promises the “biggest technology leap” with the new generation of Xbox consoles

Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Botti are division leaders X-BoxIt revealed exciting plans for the future of consoles.

Microsoft is focusing on “the most significant technical advancement” in the brand's history, with the goal of creating a “unique and powerful” product that completely redefines the console model.

Xbox announces next console and preview details – Image: Clone

What to expect from the new generation of Xbox

The exact details about this new generation of hardware It will be unveiled during this year's holiday season, which takes place between September and December.

“We have more to come. There are some exciting things coming to hardware that we will be sharing at this year's festivities. We're really focused on delivering the biggest technical leap we've ever seen in a generation of hardware, making it even better for gamers and the creators and stories,” Sarah Bond said. “What they create, they build.”

What about the portable Xbox?

When asked about the possibility of Microsoft working on a portable console, Phil Spencer stated that there is currently “nothing to announce”.

However, the CEO admits that he is very passionate about designing a portable Xbox.

News fallout

News of Microsoft's investment in next-generation hardware has been very well received by fans and gamers around the world.

The promise of a major technological leap has raised expectations regarding what the company can offer in the future.

While many are eager to get news of a potential portable console, others are simply keen to see what the new generation of hardware will bring in terms of technological advancement.

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While details are still scarce, the excitement is already palpable. Get ready for an immersive and innovative gaming experience, with features that challenge the imagination and push the boundaries of what's possible.

Be one player Whether casual or hardcore, the new generation of Xbox consoles promises to offer something for everyone. We look forward to more information and the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities this future holds for us.