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Microsoft releases image creator via Edge AI

Microsoft releases image creator via Edge AI

Microsoft is releasing its AI imaging device, powered by the DALL-E Engine, for PC Edge users around the world.

The company made the announcement last month when it integrated imaging technology into Bing Chat.

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When available, Image Maker will be available in your browser’s sidebar (see Microsoft demo video below). To use it, just type in what you want to see and Bing will generate as many images as you request. After that, you can download any image you want.

in mail Published This Thursday (6) Microsoft launched the resource as a way to create “very specific” visuals when working with posts on social media, in documents, or on slides.

However, it should be noted that you can use Bing Chat’s built-in image generator, or use another generator for the many images. But listing in Edge’s sidebar makes the process easier.

According to Microsoft, it will be necessary to add the resource manually, open the sidebar on the Bing icon, click on the “+” icon and change the option next to Image Creator.

It is not known how many images will be generated (on the website, at most four options are shown) or when all users will have access.

Other new features

The Silicon Valley giant is also adding other features to Edge, such as a tool that lets you send files and other content to yourself, and creating a notebook that can sync across devices.

Another tool listed is Browser Essentials – a button that allows Edge to indicate its efficiency and scan for malware (the latter is only available in Early Access complications, for now).

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