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Microsoft shows off what 2023 was like for Edge and how it helped users

Microsoft shows off what 2023 was like for Edge and how it helped users

Since launching Edge, Microsoft has sought to make this browser the natural choice on the internet that everyone uses. Responsible for replacing the eternal Internet Explorer, this browser has undergone some major changes. Now, at the end of the year, Microsoft showed how it helped users.

2023 was a big year for Microsoft Edge. This was the browser that first made AI popular and provided a simple way to access it. It has been exclusive for some time which has led to many people discovering this suggestion.

As 2023 comes to a close, the software giant has compiled some interesting statistics and data. This clearly reflects what the year has been like for Edge and how it has helped users navigate the internet.

  • This year, Edge and Bing users engaged in more than 1.9 billion conversations with Copilot. This equals the total number of websites that were on the Internet last year!
  • Users have created more than 1.8 billion AI-generated images, which is 1,800 times more than the entire collection of the Louvre and Metropolitan Museums combined!
  • Edge has stopped more than 127 million phishing attacks. This is equivalent to four phishing attacks stopped every second for an entire year.
  • Being a good browser for shopping, it also saved users money... a lot of money. US Edge users found an average annual savings of $400, and buyers worldwide were offered over $4 billion in Edge savings.

Microsoft Edge browser 2023

  • Users have played nearly 9,000 years of free-to-play casual games. More than 4.7 billion minutes have been played on Microsoft Edge since the feature launched.
  • In fact, the number of people playing Surf Edge each day was greater than the population of Huntington Beach, California, the original “surf town.”
  • Finally, players earned 148 million Edge Reward Points – enough to pay for 1,000 years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!
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With Edge becoming the AI-powered browser in 2023, Microsoft doesn't want to stop there. The coming year will focus more on innovation and will give users the ability to research, create and do much more than they ever imagined.

Its native presence on Windows makes this process easier and even on other systems, everything is simple. First of all, it will be enough Steady Edge and then use it to discover all its unique features related to AI and beyond.