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Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 arrives in Portugal to beat!

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 arrives in Portugal to beat!

Surface Laptop 4 was officially announced this Tuesday by Microsoft. The new ultra-thin notebook from North America has been revamped for 2021 and brings improvements in performance, connectivity and autonomy.

With the announcement of the new laptop, Microsoft has also started pre-selling, and the Surface Laptop 4 can be booked in Portugal starting at € 1,149.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 4: Microsoft’s commitment to developing the resulting design

In Portugal, only the Matte Black (Aluminum) and Platinum (Alcantara) versions are available at launch.

Surface Laptop 4 comes to the market with a design very similar to its predecessor and is, more appropriately, an evolution. The new ultra-thin laptop maintains the same type of construction, giving the user the option to configure in aluminum or Alcantara, in matte black and platinum colors.

Surface Laptop size setting maintains 13.5 and 15-inch Full HD touch screen options in 3: 2 format, at 201 ppi.

Despite keeping the same type of keyboard as the previous version, the Surface Laptop 4 now has a slightly larger glass trackpad, which is a bit close to the quality of the MacBook Pro trackpad, which many consider the market reference. Also included are a new high-resolution front camera, microphones and a Dolby Atmos Omnisonic sound system designed for the world of work.

Microsoft again gives the choice between an Intel or AMD processor