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Windows 11 Microsoft pesquisa novidade

Microsoft will bring to Windows 11 a new search feature

Windows 11 is improving at an accelerating rate and is receiving a lot of news from Microsoft. These sometimes arrive shyly and without being visible to all users and all functions.

And of course the constant evaluation of this system detects these changes and tends to make them public, this is how the discoveries have been made that will completely change Windows Search, and bring it to the center of the screen.

Windows search is a staple for many users. They rely on this item to find everything they need not only inside Windows, but also on the Internet and in other places that are important to the user.

In version 25120, which was introduced a few hours ago, it brings with it an important novelty. This release shows for the first time that there is a simpler way to search, although at the moment it is still inaccessible to all Windows 11 users.

Discovery, Even if by chance, confirms that Microsoft has now brought to the center of the desktop a search bar in the middle of the center of this system. This is related to Windows 11 and therefore will display system results first, then extend to the internet and other places.

This novelty is not yet active for Windows 11 users. Insider with the right tool, still ViveToolit is possible to activate this novelty and thus explore what it has to offer users.

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Windows 11 New Microsoft Search

Interestingly, when exploring this new search easily visually, Microsoft once again changed where the results are presented. It hooks the user back into Edge and ignores what's set centrally in Windows 11.

There is still a long way to go in order to get access to this new feature in Windows 11. Microsoft will continue to develop this functionality and possibly increase the features available to it, then make it more global.