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Microsoft will say goodbye to Internet Explorer once and for all

Microsoft will say goodbye to Internet Explorer once and for all

Not recommended for long time use.

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It was, at one point, one of the most used browsers in the world, but with the advent of competition and starting to get better and better, it started to be used only as an app for downloading other browsers. We are talking, of course, about Internet browserWhich will finally disappear next year.

at Publishing On your blog, Microsoft Indicates that the Internet Explorer 11 It will be pulled from Windows From 10 to 15 June. the future? a Microsoft Edge, Definitely.

The reasons Internet Explorer disappeared are obvious: It’s a slow, insecure, and inconvenient browser today. In fact, many companies used the old browser only because of specific sites built with outdated technologies, something Microsoft Edge wasn’t particularly powerful at.

However, this difficulty in rendering old web pages is no longer an issue thanks to the IE mode, which will be supported until 2029 in the browser.

After all, it will not be a complete disappearance, as the Internet will continue to be available in versions Windows 10 LTSC e Windows software operator. But the average consumer will not be able to access Internet Explorer 11 anymore.

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