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Middle East College discusses inequality at Science for Education meeting – Ministry of Education

Middle East College discusses inequality at Science for Education meeting – Ministry of Education

OhMinistry of Andeducation (Mick) I shared at the table Science and public policy, For the sixth annual meeting of the National Science Network for Education (CPE Network), It happened andM Brasilia (DF), In the cultural center Association of Professors of the University of Brasilia (ADUnB), in October 20. like Objective Dthat it Discussing public policies related to education, partner From the event Hey ssecretarythat itexecutive thedjunto From Middle East CollegeGregory Gresa, And Alexander BrazilDirector of Higher Education Policies and Programs at the Higher Education Secretariat. The discussion was mediated by journalist Antonio Goes, O Globo columnist, expert In educational coverage.

The discussion centered on the topic of inequality in education and how this has affected tertiary and secondary education. Secondary education reform was one of the policies addressed by Gregorio Gresa. ShHe pointed to some directions of the current proposal for secondary education, which will be addressed at the national conference after an extensive dialogue promoted by the Ministry of Education and the House of Representatives. Hey Agreement between the various parties involved in discussing this issue.

actually Alexandre Brasil Fonseca highlighted the complexity of the Brazilian scenario from the perspective of education and the problems associated with worsening inequality at the moment. he Confirm Relationship DrThe role of universities in development sThere, especially regarding the Presence Of federal higher education institutions Throughout the national territoryAnd also Actions in the field of teaching, research and extensionimplemented by public universities. Finally a manager Siso Highlight Student assistance and innovation measures implemented in the Federal Public Network As important as it is to deal with itto inequality

CPE networkCreated in November 2014, National Science Network for Education (CPE Network) It aims to bring together researchers from different fields of knowledge interested in conducting scientific research that can promote best practices and evidence-based educational policies. The network is characterized by dialogue and to Coexistence between university scholars, graduate students and professors that iteducation BASIC.

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