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Migrant crisis can last for months - VG

Migrant crisis can last for months – VG

The Polish defense minister warned that the crisis on the Belarusian border could last for several months. The night before Wednesday, the migrants tried to cross the border again.


Poland They fired tear gas on Tuesday and deployed water cannons Against stone-throwing migrants who tried to cross the eastern border of the European Union.

Thousands of migrants, mostly from the Middle East, are staying in camps on the border in what the West says is a crisis Belarus created to divide the European Union and resist sanctions. Minsk denied the allegations.

– It will take months

– We must prepare for the fact that the situation on the Polish-Belarus border will not be resolved quickly. We have to prepare for months. “I hope it won’t take years,” Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak told Polish radio Gidinka.

The migrants’ attempt to cross the border continued through the night, according to Blaszczak, who added that they used “the same method in attacking the Polish border” as on Tuesday.

“Public attention has focused on what happened in Koznica, while smaller groups of migrants have attempted to break through the Polish border elsewhere,” he said.

Excited: A drone photo shows Polish security forces using water cannons against migrants at the border near Grodno, Belarus.

Many attempts to cross the border

Border guards said they discovered 161 illegal border crossing attempts on Tuesday, of which two strong attempts to cross the border were recorded during the evening.

Nine police officers, a border guard and a soldier were injured in Tuesday’s clashes, according to Polish authorities. They were all released from hospital on Wednesday.

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