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Miguel Braga and the futsal derby: "Press release for Benfica shot to the side" - Sporting

Miguel Braga and the futsal derby: “Press release for Benfica shot to the side” – Sporting

Sporting’s contact person also regrets the attack on Channel 11 by a club with a channel that “has already deserved fixes for lack of free comments”

NS Sporting Benfica Which ended with the Lions winning 5-2 in futsal, he still drew a lot of ink. After exchanging statements between the two clubs, the person responsible for communicating with the Lions, Miguel Braga, defended that the whole controversy was a way to embody it to try to divert attention after a defeat in the new way. “To understand Benfica’s criticism, we must start by analyzing Sporting’s futsal victories because, as Nuno Dias said, we have won the derby at three levels. I remember that in the last 10 derbies we have won 7, drawn 2 and lost one. The scales, Benfica’s statement seems to me like a shot at The side on the aircraft carrier,” Liu the official said, on Sporting TV’s “X-Ray” program, still disavowing criticism of the broadcast on Channel 11: “Read this statement from a club that already has a watched channel. He must justify the lack of free comments to criticize Channel 11… It seems to me nonsense. It is a channel that does not belong to Sporting or FC Porto.” On the subject, Miguel Braga admitted that “it’s always good to win and Benfica is better”, and gave a final comment on the bench-recorded violence, which even led to police charges being brought against his incarnate supporters. “We have dismissed these violent incidents in our statement, but it is absolutely unfortunate to see a competitive player (Jaccari) soar through the air,” he concluded.

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By Joao Soares Ribeiro


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