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Miguel Braga: “Maybe the worst match in the league in terms of refereeing” – Sporting

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Black Telecom official criticizes Manuel Oliveira and rival FC Porto

Miguel Braga, Sporting’s liaison officer, harshly criticized Manuel Oliveira’s referee in a match in which the Lions defeated Nacional, in Alvalade, 2-0.

“Without wanting to offend anyone, this was probably the worst match in the league in terms of refereeing. Both the referee and the video assistant referee. This has a lot to do with the pressure that is there. The best referees have to be appointed. He was in place from the start and is increasing with the poor results of the other teams.” He highlighted Sporting TV and added, “Only this pressure explains that FC Porto has more penalties in favor of Sporting, Benfica and Esper Braga together. So much so, that there is a difference of 25 cards between Sporting and FC Porto. It does not seem normal to me that it is. Among the 18 teams, FC Porto will be on the front line to win the Fairplay Prize. ” Miguel Braga would later focus on the match against Nacional, although he continued to send some “splinters” to the Dragons.

“Just in the first half, two penalties and two kicks in favor of Sporting, according to experts. I attribute these mistakes to the pressure on the referees. How do FC Porto fans protest against the referee? Because they run the risk of being compared to those who protest for everything and for nothing.” This pressure that FC Porto has been subjected to, over the years and this year, in my opinion, to these summons, “he said.

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As for the events that took place on Monday near Al-Faliadi StadiumMiguel Braga confirmed the club’s position:

He added, “What surprises us all is the violence of this attack, and how it takes place during the day and completely free of charge. But the competent authorities are already looking into the matter and asking them to act as quickly as possible.”

Written by Louis Magalhaes


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