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Miguel Oliveira dispels doubts about the future

Miguel Oliveira dispels doubts about the future

The Portuguese racer admitted his connections with Honda, a brand he considered “suffering from some lack of leadership and strategy,” but confirmed that he would continue with Aprilia in the next season of the MotoGP World Championship.

Falcao believes that the first season was an adaptation season and that the following season he will have another time to improve on this year’s performance, which was below expectations.

“After some communication attempts, we noticed a lack of leadership and strategy [da Honda]So we decided to continue here. This has been my commitment from the beginning and I will be faithful here. More than what the Aprilia has evolved into, it is evolutionary in driving. We made changes to the bike to suit my style, and I adapted myself more to the bike. It will be a more competitive experience than the exam. After covering the kilometers, I will know more about which lines to follow and how to direct the bike to get the most out of it,” explained the Portuguese rider.

Miguel Oliveira believes that the intense competitiveness of the competition could also explain the poor performance in 2023. “In a very competitive team, with more doubt, with more difficulties, we ended up at the bottom of the table for no apparent reason. “It is The truth about MotoGP, the most competitive championship in the world. “We have to be 200 percent all the time and that’s what I’m hoping for this weekend.”

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