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Pneu traseiro de Miguel Oliveira poderĂ¡ ter tido algum tipo de anomalia

Miguel Oliveira’s rear tire may have some kind of anomaly

Miguel Oliveira started Sunday’s race in 20th place and soon the pilot finished 15th. However, the Portuguese ended up losing ground in the second half of the race and crossed the finish line in 18th place.

Corner point score achieved, in which Oliveira debriefing That his rear tire may have had some kind of anomaly that did not allow the pilot to plan the course as expected. Without being sure of anything, both #88 and KTM will want to know what happened to the rear tire:

– The team worked hard to give me the best bike, and while the improvements weren’t huge, they [os elementos da equipa] They were there, […] I doubt I could do much more than that. My race start was good, I had a good pace for five or six laps, but then the rear tire was completely destroyed, especially at the limit. [do pneu]. It’s strange to be honest. All the indications that we had and the analyzes that we conducted indicated that this framework could perform slightly better than the soft one, but it was just the opposite. We will try to analyze what happened also to get some reports from Michelin i.e. to see if something is wrong with the tire or if it is the normal behavior of the tire.

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