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Miguel Vicente accuses “Big Brother” of manipulation: “I realized in the cult that it was a puppet” – Nacional

Miguel Vicente accuses “Big Brother” of manipulation: “I realized in the cult that it was a puppet” – Nacional

Miguel Vicente, winner of the latest Big Brother series, is supposedly manipulated on TVI. He says in an interview with TV Guia that he has considered abandoning the format but has found the strength to continue.

“The first day I received a direct nomination. There were people who didn’t remember that I had already been nominated and wanted to nominate me anyway. They took me right away. This week has been very difficult. People, all at peace.” I walked in on a mission, started playing right away, and it took a while to internalize and internalize the theme of the game,” he says. “I passed, but ended up giving me a call and Big, in terms of emotional support, was a must. You understood me and put on my skin. I felt her support. I understood what I was feeling. That gave me strength, he was on top.”

Miguel says he felt left out: “I felt rejected, disowned, and felt like the black sheep. Nobody understood me,” he laments.

“I admit there was a day when I said to Big: ‘I’ve never given up on anything in my life and I’m not going to give up, but I just want to leave.’ I said this with tears running down my face. I just said to her, ‘I want to leave,’ but then he added. : “But I won’t give up, I won’t go,” he supposes, remembering the worst “Big Brother” moments.

“Big Brother is just that. I knew I was on a reality show and that I was being manipulated. They understand what contestants feel, they challenge us, and they use people to make us react. Want to give us an example? Let’s be real, Frank, my dinner is with Barbara… We loved each other…but they were forced to have dinner and felt bad because BB expected an engagement. We were urged to have this dinner. These are the moments that BB creates to awaken the emotions… It’s like a reality show. I knew this was what was happening. I had to accept that I was being manipulated. Me and everyone. I’m smart, I’m perceptive, I know I was strong and I played. I was a committed player, and I managed to get them mad at me,” he admits.

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