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Mikel Arteta: “Now we know the Porto team a little better” – Champions League

Mikel Arteta: “Now we know the Porto team a little better” – Champions League

Arsenal coach asks his team to be 'intelligent' and 'courageous' to beat the Dragons

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Mikel Arteta hopes to hold a festive night tomorrow at the Emirates Stadium, so that Arsenal can reach the Champions League quarter-finals for the first time since 2010. The Gunners coach guarantees that his team will control the match, by doing so bravely to beat FC Porto. .

“We are preparing in the best possible way to make the best decisions at every stage of the game. After that, we have to be brave, in order to make things happen, that will be the approach tomorrow,” confirmed Mikel Arteta, at the press conference held on Monday afternoon. , at Arsenal's training centre, remember that very strong communication between the team and the fans will be essential.

“I think the impact they can have tomorrow is incredible, and we need them when we compete. We also need these controlled emotions to understand that the match can go through certain phases and we have to be very smart to press at the right moments. “I want to achieve what we want. It is a beautiful opportunity to live these nights, especially since it has been 14 years, so everything we offer on the field will be worth it,” affirmed the Spaniard, stressing that the preparation for tonight’s match was done in addition to the mistakes made in Dragao that led to the defeat 1. -0.

“We will definitely have to adjust some things to do much more than we did in the first match. It is the level of champions, we are facing the best teams, and the fact that the match will be decided in two matches will also be in the players’ calculations.” Tomorrow's minds. Every week we face opponents who have their strengths and weaknesses, the way they approach matches, and now we know the Porto team a little better. We have played this type of game several times in the Premier League, even “We played a couple of days ago. Let's just focus on being ourselves and doing things better than we did a few weeks ago,” the Gunners coach said, not opening the match due to Gabriel's physical condition. Martinelli.

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