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Milla Lights for Anniversary Celebrations

Milla Lights for Anniversary Celebrations

Millionaire winter decorations were opened for young and old in the presence of elected officials and children from the municipality.

As every year, the Millaw is decorated with lights for year-end celebrations. This evening, several elected officials gathered in Monterey Square Turn on the Million lights. Valentin Artel, vice president for Local Democracy, especially wanted to thank all the actors involved in making the Milla so enjoyable this holiday season, especially during this dark period that has been going on for 21 months now. The nominee was eager to approach the Winter Joy Festival, which is set to begin on December 11th.

But a dozen young people from the municipal council of young and old Got the honor of pressing the button To illuminate the Monterey Roundabout in red, pink and white.

About ten children from the city council of young and old pressed the ignition button.

No real news

Across the city Decorations are foundHoliday greetings like a light curtain or glowing banners in the halls.
However, There is no need to look for real innovations, Municipality states, “We have been in the market for many years for lighting. By the end of this year, innovations should not interfere until next year.”

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