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"Minino Tonicas" eternal pain: Luis Alleluia asks Carlos Miguel to forgive - Nacional

“Minino Tonicas” eternal pain: Luis Alleluia asks Carlos Miguel to forgive – Nacional

The death of Carlos Miguel, the eternal Veneno in “1,2,3” RTP1 left many colleagues on its knees. But in particular, Louis Alleluia.

The actor best known by the name ‘Boy Tonecas’ used social media to offer an apology to the stricken artist, For not answering the call he promised.

“A few months ago I got a message in the office to call you because you needed to talk to me. I didn’t call you that day because it was already late, or the next day, for any other reason. Called today, called tomorrow and ended up never calling you.” Yesterday the message came to my mind and I thought: I should call the man. Today I received the news of Carlos’ departure. I’m sorry I never called him, I hope he will forgive me. “, He said.

A lesson that Luis Aloia hopes to keep for the rest of his life. “I hope I can’t put off any phone calls, coffee, lunch, or hugs from anyone else. May God bless you!”.

In the same text, actor Carlos Miguel is remembered with affection and respect.“This year to forget, just to remember the beautiful memories that comfort us. Carlos Miguel and I didn’t work together in the theater, we crossed paths once or twice on TV shows. But we maintained personal respect and admiration.”can be read.

Carlos Miguel died on Saturday, June 19, after a long struggle with illness and was taken to the Hospital de Santarem.

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