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Minister of Defense: Lambrecht takes his son on a bandwagon - Politics

Minister of Defense: Lambrecht takes his son on a bandwagon – Politics

Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has to justify his 21-year-old son flying in a government helicopter. Despite the Russian war against Ukraine, Lambrecht was on holiday on Easter Saturday. On April 13, he previously visited the Battalion Electronic Warfare 911 at the stadium in Shelswick-Holstein.

According to the “Business Insider”, after the visit he went to Shield with the BKA bodyguards. According to the report, her son would often accompany her on official occasions, but the question here was whether he flew to Shelswick-Holstein to go with his mother on child vacation.

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The Ministry of Defense confirmed to Tagesspiegel on April 13 that a “family member” of Minister Lambrecht was on a plane ready. “The plane went to Ladalund from the Federal Ministry of Defense in Berlin,” a spokesman said. It is located in the northern Friesland district and is 13 kilometers from the stadium, from where there is a helipad suitable for viewing the 911 Electronic Warfare Battalion.

The flight was announced in advance on April 8th. “The name of the family member and the refund of expenses are clearly stated in the passenger list.” The minister could refer to such a deputy, but the plane should be paid for by a family member, not the taxpayer – but the bill would be drafted first, he said. The Federal Office for Infrastructure, Environmental Protection and Services is responsible for invoicing Pantesware.

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Lambrecht remains standing because of his administration And their actions in criticism and in the SPD. Most recently, he was able to reaffirm progress in arms supplies to Ukraine.

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Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) wakes up from the arrival of Air Traffic Force 62 in Lower Saxony …Photo: Ole Spata / dpa

Ministry: Relatives have to pay for the flight

Legally, the case seems to be in order, but whether using the Bundeswehr for family purposes in this way is politically wise will certainly be debated in the next few days. CDU politicians are already critical of intuitive behavior.

Lamprecht’s Ministry emphasizes that “guidance on the use of BMVg aircraft to transport people from the political and parliamentary spheres”. According to Section 2.6, the Union Minister of Defense has the right to make requests for aircraft that are ready to fly if the voyage is carried out in the course of an official operation. In the particular case, the same goes for visiting troops. The persons authorized to make the requests can also determine the persons who will accompany them.

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In this case, the amount charged will be equal to the normal rate of Deutsche Lufthansa (Economy Class) per kilometer flown.

The son who bragged about the helicopter flight on Instagram

Two days later, the son posted a picture of the helicopter on Instagram titled “Happy Easter”, according to Business Insider. It said flying in a government helicopter would cost 5,300 euros an hour. In other words, the costs are significantly higher than what would be billed according to the Lufthansa economy fee.

The ministry clearly rejected the misconduct: “Travel and reimbursement were in full compliance with the Federal Ministry of Defense’s guidelines for the use of aircraft.”

Strack-Zimmermann: That’s not right

The head of the Security Council, Mary-Agnes Stroke-Zimmerman (FDP), told the Welt television channel that she had not yet commented on the matter, but that it was an extraordinary act. Strock-Zimmerman: “I can not determine what kind of plane it was, whether the minister was on the road anyway. The whole thing is not really right, we all know it.” She thinks the minister can explain the case. Such news could damage the pre-state finals in North Rhine-Westphalia next Sunday.