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Minutes of the American meeting: - Russian general:

Minutes of the American meeting: – Russian general:

Los Angeles (Dagbladet): Last week, Russian and US military leaders met in a face-to-face meeting at the Russian Defense Ministry. by minutes CNN From the meetings, one of the Russian generals, Yevgeny Ilyin, was said to have caused a very unusual emotional outburst.

US authorities interpret this as a sign of a larger problem with the morale of the Russian military during the invasion of Ukraine.

Meetings of this type are usually very formal, and most time is spent reading pre-written texts.

bombs: A video from a drone shows what are supposed to be Russian planes dropping their bombs over an industrial area in the city of Mariupol. Video: Reuters. Reporter: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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According to the minutes of the meeting from the American side, the atmosphere was tense during the meeting and there must have been clear signs of tension between the Russian participants.

Russian Major General Yevgeny Ilin is the deputy commander of the International Cooperation Directorate of the Russian Defense Forces. During the meeting, challenge the usual practice and speak without pre-written notes.

– joy

As the meeting drew to a close, one of the American participants had to ask “informally” about the Ilyin family’s background in Ukraine.

According to CNN, the sober appearance of the Russian general suddenly erupted, as reported in the transcript.

Ilyin is said to have replied that he was born in Dnepropetrovsk before the family moved to Donetsk where he went to school. Then Eileen commented on the current situation in Ukraine.

“It’s tragic and I feel very depressed about it,” Eileen said before leaving the meeting without anyone holding his hand, according to the transcript.

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Neither US nor Russian authorities have commented on CNN’s information.

Early: During an interview with Ukraine’s Apostrophe TV in 2019, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s advisor, Oleksiy Aristovich, predicted the war in Ukraine with incredible accuracy. Video: TV / APOSTROPHE TV
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– Generate a problem

According to Western intelligence, morale among Russian soldiers is low. The invasion also did not go according to plan, and many experts believe it is approaching a stalemate.

We have indications that morale is a growing problem in Russian forces fighting in Ukraine. With the passage of time and their continued failure to make progress on the ground, as they would like, we have seen increasing indications that morale and unity are an issue, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a Tuesday briefing.

British intelligence reported, on Wednesday, that Ukrainian forces carried out successful counter-attacks against Russian positions in cities on the outskirts of the capital.

According to intelligence, it is possible that the Ukrainian forces have retaken the Makaryv and Moshon regions, and that they may soon besiege the Russian forces at Bucha and Erbin.

Ukraine is increasing pressure on Russian forces northeast of Kyiv, while Russian forces continue to have supply problems, the assessment said.

– according to plan

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Tuesday that Putin had not yet reached his goals in Ukraine, but everything was going according to plan.

“The special operation (the words of the Russian authorities to war in the Ukraine diaries.) is proceeding exactly according to the plans and intentions that were established in advance,” Peskov told CNN.