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Mirchi Romero's relationship with the Aveiro family and the affectionate name he heard from Cristiano Ronaldo

Mirchi Romero’s relationship with the Aveiro family and the affectionate name he heard from Cristiano Ronaldo

It was only in 2021, 15 years after the relationship ended Merch Romero Talk about dating for the first time Cristiano Ronaldo. Now, this week, the presenter who was on Mega Hits ‘Cala-te Boca’ faced two questions about the global superstar.

“Is it true that you weren’t friendly with the Aveiro family?”asked Teresa Oliveira. “It’s a lie. I still do very well. With Elma, I’ve met them several times already [irmã de Cristiano Ronaldo] To work – where they went to see a fashion show – and they greeted me. Even whoever says otherwise is lyingMerch Romero replied. “I never saw the lady again Dolores [Aveiro]I hope to see you soon someday. But there were no regrets. By the way, I haven’t dated them.casually said. But the revelation did not stop there.

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Merch Romero adds that he does not intend to say that the reason the relationship ended (in the summer of 2006 according to the national press) is that he wishes the best for the international. “We don’t stay when the relationship ends. There might be the start of some grudges.”before affirming the unshakable union of the Aveiro family.

What is the strangest thing that Cristiano Ronaldo owned? It was the audience’s question. Mirchi joked that the player always wore a fanny pack under his arm, which he didn’t like, he said with humor. “Cristiano is so much fun, he’s so much fun, he’s in a good mood. He’s a first-class prankster, who spends his life enjoying himself. Banana called me. It’s really funny. With the people he loves, he is very careful. I do not have [nenhuma coisa negativa a dizer]. It is clear that we have not spoken for many years, but the essence of people does not change and has a giant heart. It’s not just the best in the world. I just have to say good. It has been a very happy year and a half in my life, also. We live our moments and have a lot of funHe commented frankly.

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