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miscarriage?  "My story is so happy, I ended up having a baby"

miscarriage? “My story is so happy, I ended up having a baby”

Inês Castel-Branco is the protagonist of ‘Forever’, the TV series that opened on Mondays and now occupies TVI evenings. The actress gave life to Clara, a sweet woman who “found love very early and felt abandoned because no one explained to her why Pedro. [Diogo Morgado] the left”.

Rediscover old love at Lourenço . Week [Pedro Sousa] He asks her to marry him. “Inside her there will be a lot of confusion. She is a very dear character and I think the audience will love her very much,” the actress told reporters.

One of the themes that characterizes her role is the drama of sterility and abortion – a problem that Ines Castel Branco encountered in her personal life that helped her engage with the character.

“It’s important to have space for people to relax in the soap operas, but it’s also important to take these themes into homes and families and try to make some women feel less alone knowing that character has the same problem,” he said.

“The first character description I read I thought there were many things like me, this desire to have a family, the relationship with children, this problem of infertility, the fact that I don’t want to bother people with their problems..there are others who have nothing to do. Regarding infertility, I, Ines, was born with this problem, it was caused by it, which I think must be worse. I went through the same thing, it’s probably easier, in this thread, to explain‘, she continued.

“There were situations later related to fertility that it was very easy for me to come up with. I was remembering what happened to me, the times I’d lost children. It happened to me a long time ago, I think it was almost a catharsis, closing this chapter, because my story is so happy, I ended up having a baby“, is over.

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Ines Castel Branco revealed, in 2019, that she had to have surgery due to a congenital problem and that she had two miscarriages. The actress is the mother of 11-year-old Simao, as a result of her relationship with Felipe Pinto Soares.

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