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missed the tsunami

missed the tsunami

Britain’s Angela Glover was found dead on Monday after being missing since a tsunami struck Tonga on Saturday. This was confirmed by her brother Nick Eleni Sky News.

I have no words in my vocabulary to describe how we feel right now. This is just a cruel shock, what happened to us. We are normal people. Such things do not happen to people like us. But he told the press that happens after that, according to the British news channel.

The brother also said that the sister had been found in connection with a search organized by her husband, and that the heavy news had been passed on to him on his trip to the UK from Australia, where he lives.

The news came on the same day Eleni reported to the newspaper Watchman He fears the worst.

– It’s now 48 hours since you hit. “I don’t think this would have a happy ending,” Nick Eleni told the newspaper.

Eleni, who lives in Sydney, spoke to the guard when he returned to the UK to be with his mother, who was also very concerned about her missing daughter.

50-year-old Angela was caught by the tsunami ashore with her husband James Glover and four of the couple’s dogs.

Angela ran an animal rescue at her home in Tonga.

Taken by the wave

– Angela and her husband were taken by the wave. “James was able to cling to a tree for some time, but Angela was unable to do so and was affected by the strong waves,” Eleni told The Guardian.

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Eleni further said that the sister and her husband must have looked after some friends’ house on the west coast of Tongatapu, Tonga’s main island, when the tsunami hit them. James returned to their home on the south coast of the island after that, but Angela did not show up.

James called the police and the British embassy when he didn’t find Angela and told us what had happened.

Eleni, who was crying while talking about her sister to the guard, said they were still looking for her.

One of the dogs was found, but Angela was not found. It is unbearable. I can’t even believe those words are coming out of my mouth to be honest.

The constitutional monarchy is located in Tonga in Oceania and consists of 169 islands. The archipelago is located more than 3,000 kilometers northeast of Sydney in Australia and about 640 kilometers east of Fiji, according to the The great Norwegian encyclopedia.

tsunami: A volcanic eruption from Hong Kong Tonga Hapai caused a tsunami that hit the island of Tolga. Host: Christian Fjermeros Video: Twitter
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Undersea volcanic eruption

hit the island country Tsunami after a huge eruption in an underwater volcano. The frightened residents fled to the higher ground, but there were many who couldn’t reach the heights before the wave hit the island.

Pictures and videos on social media, which supposedly show the consequences of the eruption, but have not been verified, show large bodies of water washing the beach after the eruption.

Satellite images from the site also showed an ash cloud five kilometers wide that reached 20 kilometers in the air.

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The effects of the tsunami and the resulting ash cloud that covered the islands are feared to be enormous. It now warns of drinking and seawater pollution destroying crops, as well as damage to homes and infrastructure.

Massive volcanic eruption: Saturday's eruption was the latest in a series of recent eruptions from the Hongga Tonga Hung Hapai volcano.  Photo: Tonga Geological Services/Facebook
massive explosion: Saturday’s eruption was the latest in a recent series of eruptions from the Hongga Tonga Hongga Hapai volcano. Photo: Tonga Geological Services/Facebook
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– broken

As mentioned, Angela Glover worked at an animal welfare center in Tonga. On Monday morning, they made a post Facebook social networking site They write that it is horrible to be missed. Animal Welfare South Pacific shared a photo of her, a colleague, and a four-legged friend.