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Missing doses of Pfizer to continue priority groups in Porto Alegre

Missing doses of Pfizer to continue priority groups in Porto Alegre

Part of the public who requested 11 basic health units in Porto Alegre Thursday morning in search of the first dose of Serum Comirnaty from Pfizer faced lack of doses, long wait and little information. After City Hall expanded the group considered, people aged 60 or over, persons with disabilities enrolled in the Continuing Advance Benefit from the age of 18, people with HIV and Down Syndrome from the age of 18, and health professionals And health support, they can receive vaccination, in addition to pregnant and postpartum women with comorbidity and without comorbidities, people with comorbidities of 18 years or older, and people with a permanent disability aged 59 years or over.

In less than two hours since the vaccination began, there have been reports of missed doses of the immune system from Pfizer. At IAPI, people went to the waiting list that didn’t apply. When questioning a health unit employee about the delay, they obtained a password indicating that they would receive the request. However, those who did not receive it, are doomed to wait indefinitely.

Porto Alegre says she does not have sufficient doses of Coronavac to regulate the vaccination schedule

“They just asked to wait in line, but they said nothing about lack of doses. But I have comorbidities, a sick mother and father. I need to be vaccinated and will wait as long as necessary,” said Dais Beretta, 46, a resident of the Triangle, in the Northern District from the capital.

In Modelo, in Santana neighborhood, around 10:30 a.m., a similar situation. The vaccination tent was empty, there was no movement, and dozens of people were waiting inside the unit’s yard and in a line along the Avenida Joao Pessoa and Rua Lorindo. “We have been waiting for about 20 minutes.” Partenon neighborhood resident Gabriel Paraybar said, “But they didn’t give a password or say anything.

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Municipal Health Minister Mauro Sparta confirmed, through his office, that “doses have been applied which are in stock and await the receipt of a new shipment to follow up on demand.” To avoid unnecessary waiting, Sparta said passwords would be distributed as they would run out of doses.

And SMS confirmed in a note that it is carrying out “a daily process of changing doses to replace vaccines in places where the shortage ends due to demand.” But they noted, “This is conditional on the availability of vaccines.” They also explained that the effort is to replenish the stock as soon as possible with the estimated quantity to order immediately at that moment, “they reported.

Also Thursday there was no first dose showing of AstraZeneca / Fiocruz and the vaccination was not done while driving. SMS expects to resume vaccination with Pfizer only on Tuesday of next week.

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