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Missing on mountain trip: – Couple found dead: Shock wave suspected

Missing on mountain trip: – Couple found dead: Shock wave suspected

Italians Roberto Meo Colombo (53 years old) and Fabrizia Di Leo (38 years old) were found dead on Tuesday this week after a 36-hour search.

Sound the alarm

It was family members who raised the alarm when the couple did not return home by Sunday. This was written by Jam Press News Agency.

Weather conditions made the search extremely difficult, as it was impossible to use planes or helicopters to comb the area.

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The couple also did not tell anyone where they intended to go, or that they would not be reachable on their mobile phones.

The only reference point the search teams had was the couple’s car, which was parked in the small village of San Bernolfo in Italy.

I had to stop searching

After rescue workers searched an area more than 2,500 meters above sea level, the search had to be temporarily stopped due to bad weather conditions.

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The pair were eventually found in the snow above Bagne di Venadeo, close to the area where the search was being conducted.

The dead were discovered by a rescue team that was on its way to a high mountainous area by helicopter.

Lena (54 years old) goes viral: - Crazy!

Lena (54 years old) goes viral: – Crazy!

It is believed that the couple fell from a height of about 300 meters while they were hiking. Roberto (53) and Fabrizia (38) had been married for four years and were passionate about hiking in the mountains.

I think they died on Sunday

According to Jam Press, the couple must have been madly in love with each other.

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Roberto was the manager of a textile factory in Costigliol Saluzzo, while his wife was a labor consultant. Fabrizia was originally from Busca, and must have known the area well.

The prevailing theory is that the couple actually died on Sunday, December 3, when the combination of low temperatures, snow and high falls made it extremely difficult to survive for long.

It remains a mystery

But what exactly happened remains a mystery.

Horror nails make a noise - warn others

Horror nails make a noise – warn others

According to the Italian newspaper Targato CN Roberto and his phone were found near the body.

The couple were buried in a joint funeral on Saturday 9 December at Cuneo Cathedral. This is clear from an article in Italian No Guida.

Roberto’s remains were sent to the family burial chamber in Pavia, while Fabrizia’s remains were sent to Magliano Appli for cremation.