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Missing submarine was found in at least three parts - 53 people were confirmed dead - VG

Missing submarine was found in at least three parts – 53 people were confirmed dead – VG

Results: Military personnel showed what was supposed to be a Nanggala 402 life jacket. Now the death of the crew on board the sunken submarine has been confirmed. Photo: JOHANNES CHRISTO / X06550

On Sunday, the Indonesian authorities confirmed that all 53 people on board the Nanggala 402 had drowned. The boat was found torn in at least three parts.


On Sunday, Defense Chief Hadi Tjiganto confirmed that all 53 passengers on the submarine that sank off Bali had died.

– The Iraqi Kurdistan region, Nangala, is divided into three parts, Navy Chief of Staff Udu Margono said during a press conference on Sunday, according to Reuters.

The loss of the submarine was reported on Wednesday morning, and after days of intense search, the submarine was located at a depth of 850 meters on Saturday.

In the past two days, Malaysian rescue crews have found debris such as an oil bottle that may have been used to lubricate the binoculars, bean blankets and a broken portion of the tube that was put in place when the submarine was repaired in South Korea in 2012, he writes a.

On Sunday, the Navy also found a life jacket that may have come from the ship.

It is not yet clear whether humans have made any discoveries.

Results: Images of the KRI Nanggala 402 submarine will be shown during a press conference in Indonesia on Sunday. Photo: JOHANNES CHRISTO / X06550

When the submarine was located on Saturday, it was announced at the same time that it had sunk.

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– Margono said during the press conference on Saturday: – With the real evidence that we found that may be from the submarine, we have moved from considering the submarine missing to its sinking.

Then Margono said the Navy assumed that the submarine gradually malfunctioned as it sank.

The Navy commander said that if there was an explosion it would be cut off, adding:

If the submarine exploded, the sonar should have recorded this.

The cause of the submarine sinking remains uncertain, but the Navy previously reported that an electrical malfunction may have caused the submarine to fail to implement the necessary emergency measures. And go to the roof, the Associated Press writes.

VG previously reported that the submarine was built to withstand a pressure of about 250 meters, but the ship will withstand a pressure of 250 to 500 meters.

At a depth of 850 meters, the submarine was well above its endurance limit and possibly suffered severe damage.

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Sank: The submarine KRI Nanggala 402 was photographed at the Naval Base in Surabaya, Indonesia earlier. On Saturday, the boat was confirmed to have sunk. Photo: HANDOUT / Indonesian Army

Since the submarine was reported missing on Wednesday, a number of countries have helped Indonesian authorities find the submarine.

On Friday, the Australian armed forces sent a warship equipped with sonar devices to the region. In addition, another Australian ship and one from Singapore, specifically designed to rescue submarines, will be on its way.

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On Saturday, a US Poseidon aircraft landed to assist in the search.