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Mistico “rocks” and wins in his AEW debut

Mistico “rocks” and wins in his AEW debut

During Friday’s Rampage, Mistico (formerly known as Sin Cara in WWE) made his AEW in-ring debut.

Místico is the current CMLL World Historical Middleweight Champion and one of the Mexican promoter’s biggest stars.

In the Displays yesterday, wrestler He first appeared on AEW shows and rings. He faced Rocky Romero in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the Mexican Pound for Pound crown.

The two stars did everything they could to bring out the best of the famous Mexican promoter CMLL.

Mistico got his first win by submission. Rocky Romero ended up dominating the fight and earned a draw after an application Sliced ​​bread.

In the end, Místico was able to turn the fight around and apply his famous submission La Místicato victory.

What do you think of Mistico’s performance in his AEW debut?

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