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MMA.  Vozzevsky's Lil Masti: I do not want to fight with "Budjian"

MMA. Vozzevsky’s Lil Masti: I do not want to fight with “Budjian”

Lil Masti, formerly known as Sex Masterka. At one point he introduced the song “Go Owl”. She is very popular with internet users. As a child, he trained in wrestling for six years, and competed successfully in the FAME MMA and the High League, where he competed in so-called frantic fights. During his visit to Cuba Wojciechowski, Cuba spoke proudly of his achievements in the martial arts. She argued that she was strong and that her favorite surface was the ground floor.

– I have the body of a wrestler. I have very short, well-built legs. I’m well muscle here too, and if I can, I can be more, she said.

A few weeks ago, Lil Masti defeated boxer Eva Pratnica, named during the Hill League Gala, in a most spectacular manner. – It was a big challenge. After all, he is a five-time world boxing champion. She told me that the fight would last for five seconds and that she would annoy me, I understood that, but at one point she crossed that line. However, the audience felt the same way. But during the fight I checked it out and I did something no one else did – she added.

Well known showman Lil Masti said provocatively: – You will not enter the cage with “Butjian” – The High League player thought for a while and shook his head and replied: – “With Butjian”? Hmmm … not my weight class, but he’s not going to do my weight class, I’m not going to do it – she finished.

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