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ModaLisboa begins with one certainty: "Beauty has no age."  See photos - news

ModaLisboa begins with one certainty: “Beauty has no age.” See photos – news

Group presentations take place between Friday and Sunday. This Friday, the proposals of the ten participants in Sangue Novo (Cal Pfungst, Daria Fesenko, Eduardo Moreira, Flourish Society, Inês Barreto, Maltesa, Maria do Carmo Studio, Molly98, Niuka Oliveira, Veehana), a competition aimed at higher courses in fashion design from National and international schools and young “designers” at the beginning of their careers.

“Sang Nouveau is a priority platform for us, because we are dealing with a generation whose idea of ​​the future is very young. It is very difficult to design the future at this point. For these younger generations, support and support, the idea that they are not alone is very important. Therefore, Sangue Novo, WorkStation and Lab are very important, because they are platforms to support these generations,” said ModaLisboa Director, Eduarda Abbondanza, in Lusa’s remarks.

Within the WorkStation range, they offer Friday’s Arndes, Fora de Jogo and Maria Clara sets, and within the Laboratory’s range, Carolina Machado (Friday), Filipe Augusto (Saturday) and João Magalhães (Sunday).

On Friday, the calendar also includes a show by Miguel Fleur, based on the creators’ archives, which last appeared on ModaLisboa twenty years ago, ten years after he graduated in fashion design. “It will be a celebration and an opportunity to put it into circulation again, at a time when there is a lot of talk about turning around, and it’s a business that’s been around for years.”

In addition to the performances by Felipe Augusto, the collections of Luis Puccino, Bozena, Kolovrat, Carlos Gil, Ricardo Andrés, Luis Carvalho and Call Me Gorgeous by Luís Borges will be revealed on Saturday.

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Parades are scheduled for Sunday, as well as Joao Magalhães, Nuno Gama, Duarte, Ivan Hunga Garcia, Valentim Quaresma, Salsa Jeans x Luis Carvalho, Nuno Balthazar, Dino Alves and Gonzalo Peixoto. In this version, all presentations are done exclusively in person, but will be broadcast in “Live”.

Although the shows can be accessed by invitation only, there is a parallel program available to the general public, which includes, in addition to “Quick Conversations”, exhibitions, shows and a “pop-up shop” (a pop-up store, in Portuguese) for designers. Exhibitions, shows and “pop-up shop” can be visited between Friday and Sunday.

More information about ModaLisboa version 59 is available at ModaLisboa is organized by the ModaLisboa Association in partnership with the Lisbon City Council.

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