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Moisés makes a controversial confession about Sarah during dinner with Brenda: “I want out of this situation.” Know it all! – the triangle

Brenda Pais made a private visit to O Triângulo’s headquarters With the intention of having dinner alone with Moisés Figueira. The contestant revealed it recently at the beginning of the game Brenda’s interest piqued his interestHowever, with him gone, he never had the chance to get to know her better.

At the beginning of the dinner, Brenda Pais tells the rival that she would like to take advantage of that dinner to get to know him more and also clarify what he said about her. Moses Figuerahonestly He ends up admitting that it’s true that Brenda initially intrigued him: “I was intrigued at first by your presence, your posture, your energy and everything.”I confess. “I was easily a girl who cared about being there.”added the competitor, but ended up ruling that possibility out, given that he approached Sarah Cestillo: Unfortunately, I won’t be able to meet you the way I wanted to.explained.

During dinner, Brenda ends up warning Moses about some of his attitudes and admits that, from her point of view, the rival doesn’t know exactly what he wants with Sarah. Moises defends himself against Brenda’s opinion and points out that although he views the relationship with Sarah as just a private friendship, he is not open to meeting new people. Although Moses’ position, Brenda admits that if Moses wasn’t related to Sarah, she would have wanted to meet him: “If you hadn’t already created a story here, that possibility might exist. [de se conhecerem]».

During dinner, Brenda Pais explains that, despite the situation Moses is in, she wants to meet him outside: “We will have the opportunity to get to know each other well.”He says with a smile on his face.

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Turns out, the special friendship between Moses and Sarah was the main theme of the dinner between Brenda and Moses and he ended up proclaiming the revelation: “I don’t feel like I have anyone.”referring to his relationship with Sarah. “I want to get out of this situation.”Musa adds.

Although much was discussed at the dinner about Moses and Sarah, There was also room for some stinging assertions. Moses ended up revealing his own kind And I couldn’t resist saying that Brenda has a number of traits that attract him: “The problem is you have a mixture of some…”Moisés Figueira said, acknowledging that Brenda País has a mix of “characters” from the competitors at home that the competitor finds interesting. The provocations did not stop there and Moises taunts Brenda again: “You’re not asleep? But are you letting her sleep?”He said the latter when there was talk of Brenda spending the night at the house.