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Moita Flores leaves a wonderful testimony after myocardial infarction: "I was about to die. I saw the sun return" - Nacional

Moita Flores leaves a wonderful testimony after myocardial infarction: “I was about to die. I saw the sun return” – Nacional

Francisco Muita Flores had a heart attack while signing autographs at the book fairon Sunday, 11 years old, and had to be urgently taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery.

The 69-year-old former PJ inspector and writer, who was born in Mora, Alentejo, has undergone a complex intervention at Santa Marta Hospital but is recovering.

After two weeks, Francisco Muita Flores leaves a wonderful testament to what these days arehow did you find it Face to face with death and how he deceived him. The former inspector is still in the hospital and is now more aware that he should not miss the pleasures of life, but in moderation and limits. But nothing is better than the words of Moita Flores himself:

“I don’t usually use the space I have to talk about common themes and use them to my advantage. I thought before doing this and decided to write to you. There were so many messages, so many expressions of affection, good wishesIt would be unfair to remain indifferent to the testimony of my tender readers. I would like to thank you for your solidarity and I am sure that your collective effort contributed to this He returned from a very serious health condition to be among you.

Myocardial infarction is deceptive, if not unfair. It is the black death card, although it can turn into a path of light to return to life. I’ve been through all these cases this week. I was about to die. I saw the sun come back. I realized that a heart attack is not that treacherous. Being bad, it translates to many good things: The pleasure of cigarette snack in a bundle of pleasures that tastes good but in the long run is very bad. I’m still in the hospital not knowing of my return to active life, but, dear reader, let me share with you the lesson my heart attack taught me: Enjoy the pleasures life gives us, but set limits. Don’t make cigarettes a religion. Not even alcohol. Not a good table. Enjoy your life with rules. You can be happy without excesses, and that I, at this moment, without excesses, I am struggling to come back to life and get rid of the danger of death caused by a heart attack. So, I leave you with a hug of gratitude. Until next week.”

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