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Mona Lisa: – I think the mystery has been solved

Mona Lisa: – I think the mystery has been solved

One of the most famous works of art in the world is “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo da Vinci.

However, the more than 500-year-old painting is shrouded in mystery to this day, with questions surrounding the model's identity and her mysterious expression, among other things.

Now at least one of the masterpiece's secrets has been revealed, says Italian geologist and art historian Anne Pizzorusso. CNN.

She believes, among other things, that Leonardo da Vinci's observations can help strengthen her theory.

– He mentioned in his notebook his presence in Lecco, the geologist tells CNN.

Leco: This city's art historian believes the famous picture was painted. Photo: Limaret Perec/Shutterstock/NTB
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The city of Lecco is located on the southeastern shore of Lake Como in Italy.

Geologist Anne Pizzorusso believes you can see the unique Lecco rock formation on the horizon at the Mona Lisa, and that the body of water behind the model is Lake Como.

Not everyone agrees with Pizzorusso on her assumptions.

Italian historian Silvano Vinceti believes that the Mona Lisa was located in a completely different city.

He claims that it is the Romito di Laterina Bridge in the Italian village of Laterina e Arezzo that fills the background of the painting.

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