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Monaco's father Charlene breaks silence about the princess' health

Monaco’s father Charlene breaks silence about the princess’ health

NSHarleen from Monaco is still in the clinic. This was the latest information that was revealed about her health, in an interview given by her husband, Alberto de Monaco, who confirmed that the treatment is being carried out outside the country, without revealing the reasons that prompted him.

Now it’s Michael Wittstock’s turn, the princess’s father, to break the silence on the matter. Speaking to South African media You, Michael revealed his confidence in his daughter’s full recovery, who is showing signs of physical and psychological exhaustion.

“My daughter was able to swim 20 km a day,” he asserts, recalling Charlene’s days as an athlete. “Knowing your method of training, I know it is difficult. You will overcome it and come out much stronger.”, note.

Remember, the 43-year-old princess was imprisoned in South Africa for several months after contracting a serious infection in her nose, throat and ears. A few days after returning to Monaco, he made the decision to seek help. International newspapers indicate that the treatment is taking place in Switzerland, although the palace did not confirm this.

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