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Monday (11/28) begins the 19th edition of the National Science and Technology Week - Portuguese (Brazil)

Monday (11/28) begins the 19th edition of the National Science and Technology Week – Portuguese (Brazil)

Science and technology are in the spotlight, starting Monday (11/28), in the 19th edition of National Science and Technology Week. The activities continue until December 4th, at the Parque da Cidade exhibition pavilion, in Brasília, and seek to mobilize the population, especially children and adolescents, towards the subject, appreciating creativity, innovation and a scientific attitude.

This year’s theme is “Biccentenary of Independence: 200 Years of Science, Technology and Innovation in Brazil”. The event is held annually under the coordination of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation with a proposal to bring science and technology closer to the lives of citizens, to show its importance in the daily life of everyone and for the development of the country, in addition to stimulating. Scientific curiosity and critical thinking.

During the event, visitors will have access to scientific publishing activities in the pavilions in the units associated with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, scientific tents, lectures, courses, workshops, educational and scientific experiments, scientific theater, sky observation, discussions, distribution of brochures, books and video exhibition.

Among the highlights are workshops on cubes – a small satellite used in space research and amateur radio communications – taught by NASA professors Rafael Arauca and Patrick Miller. Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the basic activities in training human resources for the Brazilian space sector.

Visitors will also visit the thematic platform dealing with the “Brazilian Galaxy of Science”, a space with playful elements and a cinematic atmosphere to popularize the names of the Brazilian people, facts and institutions that have contributed to the development of science, technology and innovation in the country. country over the past two decades. The space is organized by the Center for Management and Strategic Studies (CGEE) and has a partnership with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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Another activity is the Explosive Mixture board game, created by the Federal Chemistry Board with the aim of informing the population of the dangers of handling cleaning products, “homemade mixes” and, above all, the health risks they pose. Game cards provide information about the dangers of these mixes. The game also has QR codes printed to carry the video content, and to expand access, each participant can walk on a real board and experience the dangers of homemade mixes.

Arena Games will bring together all universes: gamers, esports, cosplay enthusiasts, geeks, collectors, technology enthusiasts, market news and those looking for fun in an environment suitable for the whole family.

The activities are free and open to anyone interested. Full schedule in Site From the 19th National Science and Technology Week.

the week

Established by presidential decree on June 9, 2004, National Science and Technology Week relies on the cooperation and participation of government and municipal departments of education, science and technology, development agencies, scientific-cultural spaces, teaching and research, scientific societies, schools, government agencies, technology-based companies, and civil society entities.