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Monica Bellucci opens up about the end of a Hollywood mystery

Monica Bellucci opens up about the end of a Hollywood mystery

Monica Bellucci
Christophe Simon/AFP via Getty Images

Gone are the days of Hollywood stars. In the past, these characters were considered unattainable, separated from the general public by a certain enigma – the image that big movie producers are so powerfully controlling. An aura of mystery, in the opinion of many, has been destroyed by the Internet and excessive engagement on social networks.

Monica Bellucci He seems to agree. In a recent interview, I was alarmed when Vanity Fair’s journalist Pierre Groppo asked if this new generation, which posts everything on the Internet, would dictate the end of movie stars, of which the Italian actress herself seems to be among them. last heirs.

“Why do you say they don’t exist anymore? It’s stupid. Juliette Binoche, Sophie Marceau, Fanny Ardant, Catherine Deneuve and Isabelle Huppert represent a world where star power can still be felt. Judi Dench? Helena Mirren? The stars. And Brad Pitt at the César Awards? Everyone stood up And applauded.” He started replying.

After defending some of his idols, he goes into detail about how he sees this new way of being and communicating. “The divas are gone. It was again, when we only saw them on screen.”He said. “What matters today is the size of the average woman who is looking after the children. Who is doing the shopping. We have never seen Ava Gardner leave the supermarket.” concluded Bellucci, who entrusted the management of her personal files to the agency she represents.

This isn’t the first time a public figure has spoken out about the negative impact of the digital age on actors and actresses. last february, Ana de Armas He told the same publication that for the younger generations, stardom in the seventh art is practically non-existent, as social networks have demystified it. In addition, he expressed his willingness to delete his Instagram page if the decision did not depend on people and other factors.

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