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Monica Martelli asks the use of masks to “listen to the science”

Actress Monica Martelli, 53, appeared today (29) on Instagram with her daughter, Julia Martelli. The artist published the photo, which shows wearing masks as a form of protection against Covid-19, to educate followers on Tuesday.

In the caption, Martelli repeatedly wrote the phrase “use a mask,” urging people to continue to take precautionary measures. She takes the opportunity to assert that Covid is a “very dangerous disease” and asks its followers to protect themselves and to “protect themselves”. In the comments, fans and hosts Angelica and Astrid Fontenelle supported the cause.

The actress, a close friend of actor and humorist Paulo Gustavo – who died in early May as a result of Covid-19 – is accumulating a lot of emotion about her behavior and the way the disease has been treated in Brazil. Earlier this month (4) in a statement to O Globo newspaper, Martelli did not bother to hide his displeasure and spoke about the loss of his personal friend. “Paulo Gustavo died of a disease for which there is a vaccine,” she lamented.

On the 19th, the actress was on Avenida Paulista in action for the vaccine and against the Bolsonaro government to honor the victims of the disease.

In your official account for Twitter, I wrote:

We hit the sad mark of 500,000 people killed by covid-19. 500,000 people were the love of someone’s life. They were loved and loved. It takes action, it requires a fight, a scream.” – Monica Martelli.