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Monkey disease: The situation worsens after cases are discovered in Spain and Portugal

Monkey disease: The situation worsens after cases are discovered in Spain and Portugal

Monkey pox, which initially affected the United Kingdom, is now spreading across Europe, especially affecting men.

Since the beginning of May, 7 Case Monkey disease Were identified in UK. The virus now seems to be spreading to other parts of Europe 3 Proven cases were found PortugalAnd 8 Are studying in Spain.

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Cases are on the rise and anxiety is on the rise

In Portugal, in addition 3 Case of monkey disease Has been proven, 2 There are patients Waiting Confirmation and 15 Subject to other persons Investigation.

\ ud83d \ udd34 Health warns communities after eight suspected cases of monkey box disease were detected in Madrid

– Country (@el_pais) May 18, 2022

In Spain, it is Madrid That 8 possible cases Have been identified. The Spanish Ministry of Health has already begun Health alert So people and hospitals will be vigilant.

Relative gravity

Health officials have explained Significance and speed The spread of the virus is very worrying.

Links between different patients are often not established, and Transfer methods Not well identified, which does not help control the disease.

However, theOMS Reminds me that the death rate of the monkey box is still there At leastEspecially in countries with developed health systems.

In general, the Symptoms Will disappear 2 or 3 weeks After their appearance. In general, monkey flu is a common flu-like condition and causes skin rashes.

Bisexual and homosexual men are more likely to suffer

Confirmed cases of monkey flu have been rampant “Exchange between Men who have sex with men Deputy Director General Ibrahim Sos Fall explainsOMS.

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Health officials therefore call on men, especially those who have sex with other men, to be as vigilant as possible Psoriasis Or Abnormal lesions.