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Monkeypox outbreaks across Britain

British officials said that Smallpox outbreak in the UK is increasing across the countryaccording to the news News agency, especially between gay and bisexual men, or other men who have sex with men. And the Urging those with new or multiple sexual partners to be aware of the symptoms of monkey pox.

In a technical briefing released on Friday, the Health Security Agency B Great Britain He said his data showed that smallpox was spreading inDefining gay, bisexual, and MSM networks“.

authorities, according to News agencyThere are no signs of a sustained spread outside of this population, he said.

Among the 810 cases of smallpox in the United States United kingdom So far, five are in women. Among patients who completed a detailed survey, 96% of those affected were gay and bisexual or men who had sex with other men. Of the nearly 50 countries that have reported cases of smallpox globally, Great Britain has the largest prevalence after Africa.

If you’re worried about getting chickenpox, don’t go to events, meet friends, or have sex.Dr. Meera Chand, Director of Clinical and Emerging Infections at Health Security Agency of Great Britain.

Doctors say that people who have unexpected skin lesions or a rash that could be smallpox should seek help at a sexual health clinic and avoid close contact with others until they see a doctor.

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