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Monster Harvest has been postponed and will be released on August 31

Monster Harvest has been postponed and will be released on August 31

Monster Harvest will be released full site

a publisher Merge games (responsible for re-mastering Alex Kidd), along with powered maple announced today that monster harvest It will experience a short delay in its release, as it reaches consoles and PCs August 31. Everything is in sight to make the game more polished, besides not having to suffer for the team crush.

We know that many will be disappointed and we do not take these decisions lightly. There was one last development hurdle to overcome that didn’t go as expected, so we chose to backtrack a bit to offer exactly what we want players to experience. There is a wonderful community that has grown up around Monster Harvest, and above all, we want to ensure the best for them, even if it means making a decision that may be disappointing.

Merge games

The game is a farm simulation that offers a unique blend of the popular genre by adding classic elements to catch battle monsters. Get ready for a one-of-a-kind adventure as you start a new life at Planetal Point. Create your own farm, build and customize your house, craft your equipment, make delicious jelly candy and discover exotic clays that can alter your crops and generate loyal and fearless companions that can be taken into battle.

Main features:

  • farm with mutant beasts : Use magic slime to transform the crops you grow on your farm
  • Collectible apartment companions: Combine slime with your crop and create the most diverse planetarium in your crops
  • It’s battle time! Lead your loyal comrades into battle as you try to save Planimal Point from Evil SlimeCo.
  • Three unique seasons: Weather and seasons can change in strange ways that affect your crops, so what kind of plains await you in the dry, wet, and dark seasons?
  • Unparalleled adventure: Discover the people and creatures of the passionate Planimal Point, establish relationships and try to get the best deals in the city’s shops
  • Make your farm dream come true : Create dozens of items for your farm and home, it’s time to realize your own farm dream

Monster Harvest is not pre-ordered in Microsoft Store.

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