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Montblanc launches Summit 3 smartwatch in Brazil at a price of 10,000 BRL

Montblanc is not a technology company. But when smartwatches started spreading, one of the world’s largest luxury watch makers couldn’t be left behind. That’s why it launched Summit, which is available in Brazil in its latest third generation. But the price is exorbitant: 10.1 thousand Brazilian reais.

From the outside, the wearable looks like no other watch from the German company. The handcrafted titanium case is an upgrade from the previous generation of stainless steel. It is available in three different colors: black, gray, and two-tone, with a combination of two shades. Each option comes with two bracelets, the colors of which vary according to the selected box. One is calf leather, for formal occasions, in black or green. The other is black or blue sport-utility rubber. The crown of regular watches also adorns the side and can be used for navigation.

Classic dial designs are available. Image: propaganda

Inside, it differs from the regular watch from the brand. smart watch from the black Mountain It unites the evolution of its luxury heritage with the technology available in most devices on the market. In addition to appealing to a younger audience, it is an option for those who prefer the classic design, but still want to use the features that the wearable has.


“It’s not just a watch at the end. It’s basically multiple watches. This is possible due to the choices of cases and bracelets. You can also change the dial, from classic to modern, in different colors,” said Felix Opchunka, Director of New Technologies at Montblanc, who was in Brazil To launch the watch, this Thursday, the fourth. Make this watch to suit you, your lifestyle and your taste. “

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Discs of some of the brand’s traditional models, such as Geosphere, Bohème and 1858, acquired their default copies. Others are more functional, depending on the use at the time. New options will be released every two months, according to Upchunka. He also predicted that a customized version would be made available for Brazil, possibly in 2023.

Physical activity tracking functions are available. Image: propaganda

Like other smart watches in the market, the watch has healthy functions. The device monitors calories, steps (or distance traveled), oxygen levels, heart rate, sleep stages, and even stress level. A final measure, called body energy, integrates all user data, and shows the general state of his health.

Those who exercise can integrate with certain applications. The watch tracks physical activities such as cycling, running, treadmill, yoga, walking, CrossFit, and more. You can set and check health goals in real time.

The Director of Innovation explained, highlighting the role of application (AndroidAnd the iOS), with which you can supplement the smartwatch. “Inside it, you have several functions to update your watch, keep track of all your sports activities, and see your performance over time,” he said.


One of the most important news is that the smartwatch comes with Wear OS developed by Google. As such, it is the first non-Samsung device to use the operating system. Some applications, such as Google Maps for navigation and Google Pay digital wallet, are integrated for NFC approach payments. Processor Snapdragon Wear 4100 Plus.

The smart watch comes with a rubber strap for physical activity. Image: propaganda

Montblanc claims that the battery has been improved, with a longer life compared to the previous generation, but no exact information has been revealed. Obschonka said that Summit 2 should be loaded, on average, every day and a half in smartwatch mode, and every four to five with only the time displayed. The company replaces the battery free of charge when necessary. No wireless charging yet.

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When asked about Montblanc’s possible entry into the world of NFTs, the Director of New Technologies said he was unable to reveal many details. “It’s something we’re looking at, interesting and relevant, that can bring a new element to the smartwatch, and add value to the user. What we don’t want to do is go in that direction for speculative or propaganda reasons. We want to move forward when we have something that adds,” he explained. Really a lot of value to the customer.”

Summit 3 can be purchased for R$10,100 at Online Store from Montblanc.