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Montenegro says it is moving towards a new airport even without alignment with PS companies

Montenegro says it is moving towards a new airport even without alignment with PS companies

Luis Montenegro ensures that the new airport is one of the priorities of the Democratic Alliance (AD). He guarantees that he will go ahead with the decision even without consensus with the Socialist Party.

In a lunch discussion promoted by the Portuguese Tourism Confederation (CTP), the head of the Public Security Directorate explained that once he had the final report on the new location of the airport in his possession, he would analyze it and “the goal is to reach a consensus with the Socialist Party, but we will move forward even without a consensus.” “.

Luis Montenegro noted that thanks to the Public Security Directorate, the criteria have been set to move forward with the new assessment being finalized by the Independent Technical Committee (CTI), which is expected to submit the final report on March 11, together with the same committee. To be ratified by the Monitoring Committee until the twenty-second of the same month. The situation arose after Pedro Nuno Santos, then Minister of Infrastructure, approved the new location decision without the approval of António Costa and the opposition as well. The decision was to move to Montijo in the short term, but also to Alcochete in the long term.

“It was an immature and irresponsible decision by Pedro Nuno Santos, which subsequently led to his public exclusion and extreme humiliation.”accused.

He also highlighted the PSD leader Thanks to the agreement signed by PS, the need to carry out works in Portela, which have not yet progressed, has been identified.

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“The truth is that the government, especially the Socialist Party, “Were consistent with ANA and ANA contractual responsibilities.”
, He said. The criticism did not stop there.

“They did not have the courage to take on a concessionaire who had a commitment to doing business, and ask the operator to take advantage of one of the most profitable airport operations in Europe. a I'm missing. “The government is at fault with the country because it did not force the ANA to do what it was supposed to do.”

Montenegro also took the opportunity to clarify that although José Luis Arnault, a name with strong links to the Social Democratic Party, was a former leader of the party, his assumption of the position of head of the Afghan National Army would not influence any decision. He commented, “I'm not interested in anything. He doesn't even talk to me.”

In conclusion, he further emphasized:“Let's make a decision” about the new airport. “But we will only have a decision because we have been alongside the country to get a methodology In order to decide and carry out actions at Humberto Delgado in order to mitigate The business card we have when the tourists arrive.”

Regarding TAP, he reiterated that they are “100% in favor of privatization” as long as the specifications “protect the interest of maintaining a position in Lisbon and what are the strategic parameters of the country”. “The operations we have carried out over the past eight years are a tragedy and an economic crime,” he said, referring to the reversal of privatization won by the consortium of David Neeleman and Humberto Pedroso, and the nationalization of the entire capital after the pumping. With a value of 3.2 billion euros as part of the restructuring agreed with Brussels.

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